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Dear Santa,

Why don't you bring me presents, like the rest of the kids?



Dear Carol,

I realize sometimes people get confused about what I do for the rest of the year. With all the hubbub about Christmas, nobody usually bothers to ask.

Actually, I help give secret presents to kids all year long, without quite as much of a fanfare, I'll admit. And I use a different name: sometimes you might know me better as Generosity or Caring, but when somebody does something nice for you... or gives you a present you don't expect... they're moving under the same spirit of love and understanding that I use. So I guess, in one way, I'm not so amazing. It's just that the power of love is so incredible that it transcends boundaries and allows people... including me... to do nice things for each other, no matter what time of year it is.



PS: By the way, I'll bet you didn't know that two of my reindeer are Jewish. There's one Buddist and a Rastafarian. We all like our jobs and enjoy sharing our different views of the world.

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