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Q: How did you learn to sound so much like instruments?

Jon: I learned by trial and error and by listening.

Q: How about Mike? Had he been doing a bass imitation before joining Ball in the House?

Jon: No, he pretty much taught himself by trial and error too.

Q: Who are your favorite performers?

Jason: Michael Jackson.

Stephen: I like Adam Duritz--he's in Counting Crows.

Scott: Lenny Kravitz.

Dave: Brian McKnight.

Jon (laughing): I know who Mike would say--Neil Diamond.

Q: What about you, Jon? Who's your favorite?

Jon: Prince--no, wait, you can't write that. You have to say, the artist formerly known as Prince.

Q: Who writes your songs?

Stephen: We all write some of them. Jason writes a lot of songs. Sometimes it's collaborative and we try out ideas together. Other times one of us will come up with something that's further along, more finished.

Q: What has most surprised you since you started the group?

Scott: How fast things have happened. We've probably played to a million or so people in the last 2 years.



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