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Q: What are some of your favorite places to perform?

Dave: The House of Blues in Cambridge is one of my favorites.

Stephen: I like Faneuil Hall--that's a fun place to do a show.

Q: What gave you guys the idea for a mouth band?

Scott: Jon saw a guy do a beat box with his mouth, and he was impressed by that. Then he got Mike to do the bass, and I sometimes do guitar, although usually I sing baritone. Dave, Jason and Stephen are also on vocals.

Q: So Jon founded the band?

Jon: That's right.

Q: I found it surprising how much your music sounds like a regular band with instruments. Do you hear that a lot?

Jason: Yeah. Everyone asks us where our DAT (digital audio tape) machine is, and when we say we don't have one, they don't believe us. Everything we do is live.

Q: What kind of music background do you guys have?

Stephen: We've all sung in a capella groups, mostly pop music rather than classical. And we've studied music in college.

Q: What about high school? Were you in your high school choirs?

Scott: I was. I played football in high school too, and the other guys on the team used to make fun of me.

Q: So how did you deal with it?

Scott: I just laughed it off.



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