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Q: What do you think was the turning point in your success?

Jon: When we started to write our own music, about 2 years ago. That was when people started taking us more seriously.

Scott: Another break for us came when we got to know Scott Halstead at Radio Disney. He saw us perform at Faneuil Hall and liked what he heard. So he introduced us to 98 Degrees, and we've done five or six shows sponsored by Radio Disney Boston. They wanted to feature a local band that they felt deserved attention, and we've really benefitted from that.

Q: I noticed that after your set, you guys were offstage signing T-shirts and CDs for everyone who asked. Is that what you usually do?

Scott: Yes--we love our fans, and we're grateful to them for coming to the shows and spreading the word. So we'll stay and sign CDs or whatever until the very end. We have something we call a rep program, where fans who help out, for instance by setting out posters and so on, get things from us like backstage passes, signed pictures, tickets to shows, and so on. We have a lot of fans--not just here in Boston, but also in New York, the DC-Baltimore area, and Virginia.

Q: How do people who want to join get in the rep program?

Jason: They can get the info on our web site: www.ballinthehouse.com.

Q: Do you guys ever perform on the West Coast?

Jason: Yes, we did a few shows in LA that went really well. And we'll be performing in the Bay Area in the spring.


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