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Q: What was the most exciting thing that's happened to you since you formed the group?

All: Today.

Q: Why was this concert your favorite?

Scott: The audience we had today was just so great. Seeing 30,000 people clapping--that's exciting.

Q: What were some other exciting events for you?

Dave: The baseball game. We just performed in Fenway Park at the All-Star Game, and that was a lot of fun.

Jason: The Sunfest in West Palm Beach was another great gig. It's a 3-day concert down in Florida, and we were one of the groups that performed there.

Q: Are you guys planning to make a music video?

Scott: Yes. We're going to start shooting at the end of September.

Jon (laughing): Tell your readers if they want to be extras, to let us know.

Q: Ok, but this interview won't run till October, so it may be too late. I guess you'll be doing other videos later, though, won't you?

Jon: Absolutely.

Q: Which song will you feature in your video?

Scott: "Home," it's the first song on our CD.



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