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"Chapter 1 - Alpha

On other news, today is the hundredth anniversary of the 'Artificial Life Form' experiment. One hundred years ago, in a secluded lab around Carlin, Nevada, four lone scientists created what are know as androids, or as tabloids refer to them, 'Frankenstein's Monsters.' At first the government covered them up and used them as replacements for the disbanded CIA, but eventually the information about their existence got out, and they started to be used somewhat as they are used today, as laborers. Although we still use androids for that purpose at current times, the most widespread, global use now is as soldiers. Since then, not one man or woman has died because of war-related reasons. Yes, we owe a lot to those four men and women. Those creators erected a new form of life. I think that tonight we should all be glad we live in such a country that scientists and inventors can prosper. Well, we will be right back wih the news after this commercial break. It's six o'clock, December ninth, 2060."

The news announcer blinked off and the television set blared on about a new virtual shopping store as the man sat and stared at the images flashing before him. He sat there for a few minutes and then switched off the television. "Androids, androids, all you ever hear about are androids," said the tall and slightly obese man as he sat upright. "I wish they could figure out a way for those blasted androids to do my job. I loathe being out here in this stupid military base.

"Why did they have to put it in Falfurrias, Texas?" he thought. "Not only do they put us in the middle of nowhere, they find a place will all this blasted sand!" As he talked, he pulled open the blinds and stared out at a swirling and tumbling ocean of white sand with his deep blue eyes. He mumbled to himself for a little while and thought about other things that made him mad.

After a while, he tired of being angry and sat in his dusty brown desk chair. He had just settled in when the door suddenly ubrst open. I slammed against the wall and a short burly man raced in. "General Theodore, sir! Somone requests to see you sir!" he said in a loud burst of conversation.

"Sit and calm down, Private James. You are making my head spin around," yelled General Theodore. "Now who wants to see me?"

"It's that Dan Smith fellow sir, he wants to show you one of his new blasted inventions," the Private replied. "Should I send him in?"

The general sighed. Dan Smith was the new inventor for the military base. He had said he had been sent from Washington, and had come with some barely legible papers. He was a strange man, tall, lanky, and had eyes that shone with an alien light. He had a tendency to walk like someone with a roken leg. Although he had many faults, he was a great inventor. It was like someone had created him for the purpose.

"Go ahead, send him in," was the General's rply. Soon the strange inventor walked in. "I have plans for an indestructible wall," he mumbled "One that only the androids can walk through freely. It will stop all vehicles from an unwanted source from entering."

"I will start the robots working on it now," said the general as he dismissed the little man from his offic with his hand. Then he looked out the window. This time what he saw was not sand. It was millions of crooked and dirty androids.


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