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The Stirring

by T. K. Valentine, age 12, from US


Prologue to the Awakening

The almost human body appeared stationary and listless. Four shadowy men, with sinister tools of many strange operations surrounded t he small platform on which the cold and hard body lay. Ivory coats enveloped the speechless men and women as the closed in on the manlike form. Protruding from the body were large twisting tubes of cables. The room in which they were housed was smokey and made the figures appear ghostly and haunting. Smoke flew to the men and bound them in a gray fog. Each head of the individuals looked to be concentrated on the operation they were performing on this human build.

The forms looked to be a blur as they finished their sinister task. The excitement steadily grew inside them like some wild, withheld flower. Suddenly, with a jerky otion that comes of many days of continual work, one of the mysterious men walked away from the table and soon returned with two cords. He fastened one onto the protruding cables of the human sructure and then walked over to a lifeless female human body, and did the same. There was now one operation yet to be filled.

Wordlessly the figures all walked over to a computer console on the othr side of the room. The immense computer loomed over everyone as if it were some monstrous giant eyeing them. Its surface was dirty and covred with camera and computer screens. On the camera screens, operations of equally shadowy movements were taking place. Below the vast amount of pictures, screens, and monitors, there was row after row of intriguing blinking knobs and buttons. Although they had spent many hours on this machine, one simple button would end this relentless task.

The group hesitated. It was as if some force made them stop and think about what they were going to do. They stood there for just a minute, and then with one poetic motion, a body cast up an arm and pushed one red button. As they waited for something to happen, they heard a shuffle from behind them. They pivoted around and stared into the darkness. The bodies were now standing and were staring at the scientists with red pupils. No one was shocked. They had played the game of God, and had won.

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