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Chapter 2 - Omega

"So you have seen them, sir," shouted Private James, rushing in. "We just got a report about them from our base near Washington, D.C.. It says that something is going on with the anddroids; they are out of control and have already taken over most of the eastern United States!"

"Then why doesn't someone just cut their power source?" bellowed the general.

"You forget," said the private, "that these are a form of life and not robots. You can't turn off the power of living things. From what I can guess, something stirred inside them, and they became aware of themselves."

Still the general looked relaxed. "Well at least we have that new wall of Dan's. Nothing can get in and out but us and--" The general paused with fright. "Nothing but us and androids! Blast! Let's get the heck out of here." He looked out and saw the androids walking through the wall as if it were suspended water.

The General and Private James, raced down the hallway and grabbed Dan who was stuffing some weapons to defend himself, and ran through the back door. They ran endlessly until they were cornered against the side of the artillery building. Struggling against the swarm of androids, the general shouted orders at his comrades. The swarm consumed them like a group of ants consume food. Suddenly the General rememered seeing Dan cramming his pockets full of weapons. Turning around, he noticed that the inventor was failing to put up any ight. "Smith!" he roared. "Use those blasted guns of yours."

Dan Smith looked up and suddenly pulled a gun out of his pocket. "Now! While there is still time, shoot them!" ordered General Theodore fighting bck two androids.

"I wish I could do that, General," said the small inventor. "You have been so helpful. You have done everything I asked. You are so, well, gullible. I cannot shoot ecause, you see, I am one of them. I forged my papers so I could get inside your base. Do not think your pitiful world has any hope. All over the globe this is happening. You are simply the first." As the android Dan Smith finished talking, he took the gun and aimed carefully . . .



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