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"Jim, wait. Let's stay here for the night. I hear the Monster is supposed to be haunted. I want to see if it's true," he argued.

"NO WAY!" I yelped.

"I'll give you my Deion Sanders rookie card," he offered quickly. I hated when he did this. He knew that Deion Sanders is my idol and that I'll do anything to get his card. Let alone his rookie!

"Well, okay," I said in defeat. We quietly tiptoed over to the Monster when I saw the two guards head toward us. Allen and I simultaneously leapt behind Astronaut Andies' Famous Star Pop stand and crouched down low.

"Found you," one of the guards yelled.

They both came to a halt in front of the popsicle stand.

"Yeah, you won," the other guard replied. And with that they both walked off.

"Phew! That was close," Allen whispered. "Come on."

When we got over to the Monster we stopped. "No ghost," I said happily.

"Let's just wait here for a sec," Allen whispered. Then fog and mist appeared. We both seemed to notice it at the same time. Suddenly, an old man appeared. He had short gray hair and a long beard.

"My name is John. What's yours?" he demanded sharply.

"A-A-Allen and J-Jim," Allen replied, ready to scream.

"Get on," John boomed. We both got in the front car.

"Allen, am I just seeing things or did he just wink at us when he pulled the safety bar down?"


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