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"I don't know," Allen grumbled.

"Hey! Doesn't this roller coaster seem a little too smooth?" I asked.

"J-Jim, we're not on the track anymore. Why, w-we're flying!" Allen screamed.

There we were, soaring though the air. "Jim," Allen finally spoke.

"What?" I replied.

"Look straight ahead," Allen said shakily.

"It's an airplane! I wonder why there are so many at one time. Why, that's the U. S. Army. They think we're a U.F.O.!" I screamed in panic.

The car stopped on its tracks, I mean on air, and turned around and bolted the other way. One man in one of the helicopters fired his gun and hit the roller coaster in its backside. We both screamed as the coaster lost altitude. We landed back down on the track with a hard thud.

"Allen, what's going..." I tried to say.

We both thrust back into our seats and shot into the air. Higher, higher, and higher, we coasted back through the sky until we were in space. This time it really was a U.F.O. An almost blinding bright red light shot through the galaxy. I realized it had shot a laser at us. With a huge bang it hit us. We propelled through the sky like an arrow. Down, down we sped. When John came into view I saw him yell a few words that I couldn't make out. Out of thin air a parachute connected to our car. We landed with a bounce.

"I suggest you leave. And don't stay after park hours ever again," John calmly warned.

"But..." I tried to say.

"Now!" he said sternly.

Allen and I raced out of the park! We never stayed late at the park ever again.

But after all of that I wonder why I'm crouched behind Astronaut Andies' Famous Star Pops stand with my other friend Brian. And what's that eerie mist coming from the Monster? Who knows...?



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