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Allen was tall, skinny, and had brown wavy hair. He was wearing his favorite neon green shorts and No Fear t-shirt. Allen was always thirsty. I, myself, get thirsty quite often, but don't whine like Allen. "Hey, Jim, let's go on the Monster one more time before we leave," asked Allen.

"Okay, but let's go on the Orbiter first," suggested Jim.

We were the last ones to get on the Monster before the park closed. "Aw man, I shouldn't have had that hot dog and slurpy before I got on the Orbiter," Allen whined.

"Yeah, but all the dips and turns were cool!" I exclaimed.

It was our turn to get on the Monster. Just as the safety bar came down over our heads, we felt a sudden jerk. "Here we go!" Allen shouted in anticipation. I shut my eyes so I could feel all of the twists and turns. I felt us going slowly up the hill and then racing down. I felt my stomach rise to my throat. A sudden jerk to the left sent me careening into Allen. We shot back to the right and then we went straight up into a loop taller than my two-story house. All of a sudden I burst into my own world. I was passing trees and cars. Everyone seemed to be having the time of their lives. Suddenly, we rumbled to a halt. When I finally opened my eyes, Allen was gone!

I frantically looked over at the exit, but the last kids had just passed through. I quickly ran out but Allen wasn't there. "Maybe he is at the front gate or by the phones," I wondered out loud. I ran to the front gate and phones, but no Allen! I heard a booming voice over the loud speaker, "The park is now closed for the night." I sprinted to the refreshment stand and there was Allen chugging down another drink. "Allen, I've been looking all over for you!" I yelled at the top of my lungs.

"I was looking for YOU!" Allen shot back.

"Well, let's get out of here before the park..." my voice trailed off.

"Before the what?" Allen demanded.

"The park is closed, Allen. We have to call my mom!" I exclaimed shrilly.


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