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Bobby Bear was Ted E.'s best friend. The families of Bobby and Ted E. were the only bear families who lived in the forest. The forest was old and beautiful with oak trees as big as 30 feet. The forest was close to the city and the city was close to the beach. Most of Ted E.'s friends lived in the city. The beach was a popular meeting place. Ted E. and his friends usually biked or roller bladed to the beach.

"You know that it is almost Flippy's birthday and we need some extra money to get him a present..." started Bobby, "Well, I have an excellent idea. You know Spot who works as the dickie-dee and sells ice cream...I got a new red bike yesterday. Now, all we need is a big box and a small freezer to keep the ice-cream cold..."

"Hold on, hold on!" interrupted Ted E. " You mean we could help the dickie-dee."

"Right," said Bobby, "We could ask Spot for half of his ice-cream and..."

"...sell in the other part of town." finished Ted E. "We will get paid and it will be fun!"

"Look, the dickie-dee!!! I will ask him now," yelled Bobby and ran toward the slowly moving colourful ice-cream bike.

Spot thought it was a great idea. He couldn't sell his ice-cream by himself and needed help. He also said that they could keep half of the money they made. He promised to help them to make an ice-cream bike. They decided to meet back in the park after supper. When Ted E. came home from supper, he told his mum and dad about Bobby's idea.

"Sounds good!" said Mr. Bear.

"Be careful," added Mrs. Bear, who was searching for a big box and a plastic container that Ted E. asked for.

"Oh, I will," promised Ted E.

He was so excited, he could not even finish his favourite honey-berry soup.

When he came to the park, Bobby, with his bike and some sleigh bells, was already there. After a few minutes came Spot dragging the mini freezer. The box which Ted E. brought they painted yellow and put the sticker on it saying, "Dickie-Dee" and showing all kinds of ice-cream. Spot's mini freezer perfectly fit into the box. The plastic container for the money was taped on the top.

" We are done," said Spot.

"Wow! That looks cool!" Bobby jumped with excitement.

"One more thing," Ted dived under the bench and pulled out the shining bells.

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