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Once upon a time there was a bear named Ted E. Bear. He lived in the forest with his mother and father, Mrs. and Mr. Bear.

It was a sunny July morning. Ted E. got up and dressed quickly. He drank his orange juice in one big gulp and grabbed a piece of toast.

"Where are you going?" asked Mrs. Bear calmly.

"Bobby Bear said he has a brilliant idea and is dying to tell me about it. He said to meet him at Sunny Stone Park at ten on the dot. I'm already late."

"Well, be back before dinner. And look both ways before you cross the street," said Mrs. Bear.

"OK!" yelled Ted E. and ran out the door.

When Ted E. came to the park, Bobby was walking around the bench impatiently.

" I thought I would burst with anxiety if you didn't come," he said.

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