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She was proper and polite and always wore the same purple gown with gold twine stitch in it. She was very calm, and her kingdom adored her sensibility and tranquility, even though her taste in fashion was quite boring and a bit passé.

King Joe was your ordinary King. A stout, short King who was balding on his head. He was wise and full of joy for his kingdom. Kind Joe wore robes of red velvet with fur trimming, which had gone out of style centuries ago.

Queen Eucretia remembered once when Princess Gertrude wanted to make her over.

"Please mommy, if you really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really loved me you would let me put a little harmless makeup on you," Gertrude whined.

"Of course I love you darling; okay! Do your magic!" Secretly the queen was very worried and skeptical.

Gertrude started with a Blood-Red lipstick to bring out the thick, raven black hair the queen had. Next, she changed the color of the queen's dress to a tangerine and fuchsia gown. Her hair was then cut into a sporty bob. The queen thought this new look was quite in style and loved it!

"I look so funky, so cool, so hip, so fantastique," the queen cooed. "This is just splendid, Gertrude, my darling! I look as stylish as the queen of France!"

Queen Eucretia also started to wear pink miniskirts and black patent leather boots. With her confidence reestablished, Gertrude also did a makeover on her father, King Joe.


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