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"My absolute all-time favorite shade of lipstick is Chartreuse Goose!" Gertrude giggled to the gardener or to anyone who would listen. She loved anything to do with makeup and color.

Gertrude had made-over the butler, baker, scullery maid, and the Duchess' daughter. None of them were very happy when they looked into their mirrors afterward. It wasn't very simple to convince them to let her do their makeovers in the first place:

"Please le me do your makeovers, I'll do a great job," Gertrude screeched. They were reluctant, but how could they refuse the daughter of the King? And so, the makeovers were done.

The baker's hair turned a deep, chocolate brown, which was blonde before Gertrude had changed it. He roared angrily that his golden locks now looked the color of burnt French toast! Gertrude was cringing even before she heard what the scullery maid had said; her face was turning from orange to purple!

"You little bugger!" the scullery maid said as she sneered in her English accent. "The sunless tanner you unevenly smothered all over my body makes me look like a I haven't bathed for months!"

"I'm sooooo sssssorrrry, I thought you would like it," Gertrude wept. She felt totally and absolutely horrible and humiliated.

For these negative responses, Gertrude knew that something had to change: "Hmmm, maybe I should try some less radical makeovers on less critical clients...but who?" She then remembered the unconditional love and acceptance of her royal parents.

Gertrude's mother, Queen Eucretia was a slender woman with a long neck and long ebony hair down to her buttocks.


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