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She gave him a yak-hair vest and black leather pants, and she fitted him with a new toupee. Then Gertrude put him on a high protein, low carbohydrate diet, and put Grecian formula hair dye in his rapidly disappearing hair, Gertrude also bought him a pair of Gucci glasses for Father's Day.

"I look so healthy, so young, so groovy!" the king murmured, " I can't believe I can fit into these leather pants!" he cried.

The delighted couple were thrilled with their new looks. The queen with her glamorous, stylish look, and the king, who was getting extremely proficient at yoga and weight training, both felt like new people. The queen and king soon realized that they enjoyed being wild and crazy and loved their newfound styles very much. Once the baker, scullery maid, butler, and Duchess' daughter saw the queen looking drop dead gorgeous and the king looking modern and thirty pounds lighter, they gave Princess Gertrude another chance to show that she really could be a makeover princess.

Gertrude's parents realized that she had found her calling and her passion and they encouraged her to follow her dream of being a makeover princess. Princess Gertrude was glad that her parents supported her. She figured out at that moment that she would start her own royal beauty parlor. She would call it Gertrude's Glamour Gallery, and it would serve the entire kingdom. Gertrude decided that she wanted to help people find their own special looks just like her parents.

Gertrude's makeovers were all very successful. Gertrude's Gallery continued to grow and the subjects of Queen Eucretia and King Joe's kingdom were the most beautiful, funky, in-style people in the land!


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