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"Nothing. She figured nothing was there.

She came out of the room, went to the right, and turned into the next room. It looked like a study with a desk, a few books here and there, and a couch. She didn't see anything, so she left.

Allie went into a room that looked like a library. It had a lot of books in it, and a few chairs also. She didn't see anything, so she left, in search of her other two friends.

While looking for each other, they all bumped into each other.

"Gracious! You scared me!" Mal said.

"You scared me!" Hal said.

"And, you both scared me!" Allie said.

"It wasn't upstairs anywhere, but there was this beautiful staircase, beautiful master bedroom, study, and a little boy's room!" Mall said.

"It wasn't in the library either, but there were a lot of good books, and the room was so big!" Allie said.

"It wasn't in the little girl's room either, but her room was so cute, because everything was matching!' Hallie said.

"Maybe he left," Mal suggested, hoping they would go for it.

"Well, there is one more room, you know," Hallie said.

"There is?" Allie said.

"Yes, the basement," Hallie said.

"Let's go," Allie said, and they headed off in search for the basement. They found the basement; it was very dark and creepy looking. They figured whoever lived here used the basement for storage. There were a lot of boxes, books, newspapers and toys all over the ground. It was very dusty down there and not very clean. Then they saw something move!

"What do you think it was?" Allie asked.

"I don't know, let's go check it out," Hallie said.

They got to the place where the movement was coming from. Then they heard something move on the other side of them.

"I'll go check it out," Hallie said already walking over there. Then they heard something move on the other side.

"Mallory, go check over there," Allie whispered.

Mal went over there and started looking. After about 10 minutes, they started giving up. Then all of a sudden, a man came out from the corner holding a knife.

"Who are you?"


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