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Hallie screamed.

"The convict that is missing," the man said.

Earlier that day, they saw on the news that there was a convict that was on the loose. He was known for burglarizing homes and murdering. The other day, he was in a mall close to Allie's house.

The convict's name was Thomas Johnson. He had brown hair, and brown facial hair. He wasn't very attractive either. He wore dirty clothes.

"Please don't hurt us!" Mallory said.

"Give me one reason why I shouldn't," Thomas said.

"Because we're only 15 years old, and we don't deserve to die!" Hallie said.

"Millions of 15-year-olds die each day, I don't see why three more shouldn't," he said. While Thomas was talking, Allie was sneaking upstairs to the phone. Hallie and Mal saw her and were trying to distract the man. Finally Allie got up to the main level, and found a phone. She discovered that the only reason the phone hadn't worked before was that it was unplugged. She plugged it back in and dialed 911. She told the lady who answered that they were in the old Victorian house on Lilac Lane, and the escaped convict was in the house also. The lady said that some people were on their way, and they should be there any minute. Around five minutes later, the police came and arrested Thomas. The policemen told the three girls not to be going on private property, and they should not be out that late.

The girls never went there again, and never went out late again. They decided to 'play it safe' from that day on.


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