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""Let's go look!" Allie said, and then rushed into the room, with Hallie and Mallory following close behind.

They got inside the kitchen. It had a black and white checkered floor, old-looking fridge, coffee table and a lot of other old appliances. They saw someone or something running into the next room. The kitchen was destroyed! Things were all over the ground-- broken plates, bowls and glasses--and all the cabinets were open.

"What do you think it was?" Mallory asked in amazement from the messy kitchen.

"I don't know, but I think we should follow it," Allie said and ran into the other room.

"Where did it go?" Hallie asked when they got into the next room. The room looked like a dining room, with a pretty table, china cabinet, and a chandelier. The room must have been beautiful when it was being used.

"How 'bout we split up, and look for the ghost in different places?" Hallie asked.

"That's a great idea," Allie said.

"No way! No way am I going somewhere in this creepy house and looking for something creepy!" Mal said.

"Come on Mal, do you want to catch it or not?" Allie asked.

"Fine," Mal said irritated.

"Okay Mal, you go upstairs, Allie you go to the left, and I'll go to the right," Hallie instructed.

Hallie was freaked out, even though she didn't want to admit it. She went into a room that looked like a bedroom for a little girl. The wallpaper was a faded pink, and there was a matching dresser. Hallie didn't see anything moving, so she decided that nothing was in there and left.

Mal got to the stairs, and they were beautiful. The staircase was swirling up. It was made of nice-looking wood and had red carpet on it. She followed the stairs and came to a hallway. Then she turned to her left. She got into a room that looked like a master bedroom. It was gorgeous! There was a big bed, dresser, flowered wallpaper, and a very big mirror. She looked under the bed. Nothing. She looked behind the dresser. Nothing. She looked in the bathroom.


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