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"Are we going then?" Hallie asked excitedly.

Hallie could be brave at some times, and scared at other times. (Mostly brave though). She had brown hair with blonde streaks, about shoulder length. She was a good student, mostly A's and B's and was semi-popular. She was very outgoing and happy. She loved to play all sports, and sleep also. She always had boyfriends, but not for a long time.

"Of course!" Allie said.

"I don't know, you guys, it might be dangerous." Mallory said.

"Let me ask you this: do pigs fly?" Allie said.

"No," Mal said.

"And there's your answer," Hallie said.

"Well...okay," Mal said.

Three days later, the three girls were headed off to the haunted house on their bikes when it started raining and thundering. Mallory was freaked out and wanted to go back, but Hallie and Allie wouldn't let her. They finally got to the house.

The house was a faded, old-looking white house. It had shutters that looked as if they were about to fall off. The grass looked as though it hadn't been mowed for a long time. There were a lot of bushes and trees all over. The house looked like an old Victorian house. There was a shed next to the house, but it looked like it was about to fall down, so they decided not to go in it.

"This is really creepy," Mal said.

"It's supposed to be, isn't it?" Allie said. They got inside and noticed some red spots all over the ground.

"Looks like you know what," Hallie said.

"You mean bbb...blood?" Mal said, barely even able to say it. Then the three girls heard a noise coming from the room and around the corner.


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