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"I know that," said Curtis. "Thank you for coming, Mr. Erickson. See, me and my tribe had a big war and we agreed that if we lost, we would have to them the necklace. But three days later, the necklace was stolen. We have some suspects. Kenny from the Watos tribe was here getting some things. He was in the same room that the necklace was in. Another person named Leele was also in the room."

"Well," said Detective Erickson, "I'm going to go look around for some clues." Before leaving in Curtis' car, he asked, "What does the necklace look like?"

"Here's a picture," replied Curtis, and handed a picture to the Detective.

Detective Erickson drove along the Niger River. It was huge. He also saw Mount Gre'bour. It was 1:30 P.M., Niger time. He was feeling hungry again so he went into the city and found a place to eat beans, rice, and peanuts. It tasted good. After he was done, he paid 98 francs for his meal. Just as he was about to leave, he saw the necklace in a stranger's hand! He started to approach the stranger but the stranger ran away and could not be caught. However, he left a clue--an African hat.

He took it back to Curtis who said that both Leele and Kenny had a hat like that one. It was now 5:21 P.M. He felt tired. Curtis told him to sleep right there. He asked where the bed was. Curtis said, "We sleep on the floor, not on beds." So that's where he slept.

The next day, he woke up. It was 5:20 A.M., Niger time. Curtis was already up. He said, "There are only three days left. Will you be able to find the necklace?"

"I'll try my best." He went outside to the car and saw a person with the necklace going into a black car. Detective Erickson got into his car and chased him. His car was fast but he wasn't good at driving. The Detective followed him but all of these animals were crossing the road. By the time all the animals went away, the black car was gone. "Well," he said to himself, "I guess I'll go home."

When he got to Curtis' house, Curtis was dressed. He said, "Let's go fishing at the beach."

Well, he needed a break and fishing sounded good. "Sure," he said.

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