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The Necklace on the Run

by Tom Matsumoto, age 11, from US

One rainy day in Hawaii, Detective Erickson got a call. "It's Curtis from Niger," the voice said. "I need help quick. An expensive necklace has been stolen and if we don't get it back before Thursday, we will get killed because the Watos tribe needs it. Fly to Niger as soon as possible. Hurry!"

The Detective knew he had to go fast. He quickly packed and got on the earliest flight. Off he went to Niger. He knew it was a two day and 15 hour trip. Curtis Martin, who had called him, was his friend who used to live in Nigeria but now lives in Niger.

His plane finally arrived in Niger. It was hot and sticky but he managed. He was hungry so he looked around for a place where he could eat. While he was looking, he noticed black people wearing weird clothes. He finally found a place to eat. They sold him some rice and yams. He spoke French and could understand them. They asked for 40 CFA francs. He paid them and left.

Next he went to Curtis' house. It had been a long time since he had last been there. "Wow!" he said. This house is small but your garden is huge!"

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