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"Great! First I need to borrow a boat from my friend." So they drove to his friend's house. They go the boat and left for the beach. At first they did well with the boat, but soon a big wave hit their boat. They were knocked into the water and the next morning, Detective Erickson found himself in a strange place. He knew this wasn't Curtis' house.

"Bonjour," a voice spoke to him. He knew he was still in Niger. In French, the man continued. "I am Koral from the Watos tribe. You can meet our King right now."

The Detective followed him and saw that the King had the necklace. The King ran away when he caught sight of Detective Erickson and Detective Erickson chased him into the forest. The King couldn't see where he was going and banged into a tree. The tribes people asked, "What's happening?" They told him that the King's name was Kenny. They told him all that they knew. Soon Curtis arrived.

"I found the necklace," Erickson said, "Kenny had it."

Detective Erickson received a reward for his work in Niger. "I'm never going to Niger again," said Erickson. "I almost died and I'm tired of eating yams, rice, and peanuts. I will still be a detective but I'm never doing another case in Niger."



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