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Chapter 4 - A Clue from Steven

Jonathan and Mary decided to go and talk to a few of the suspects.

First, Jane Seeson. She was another actor who both knew and disliked Stephanie. But when they talked to her, she claimed to be in the room with all the others.

Second, they talked to the cook. He swore he didn't do it. He said that as soon as the black-out hit, he ran into the dining room to see if everyone was all right.

Third, they went to the prison to talk to the maid, Jessica. But when they got there they saw a guard throwing Jessica back into her cell, and Steven screaming at her.

They ran over to talk to Jessica but were asked by the guard to come back another time because Jessica was too upset to see anyone at the moment.

Then they ran and caught up with Steven who was starting to cool off. He told Mary that he hadn't been at Stephanie's house when the murder was committed. He said he was late and that as he was pulling into the driveway, he saw someone running into the forest. The person was wearing black and had red curly hair.

Steven said that when he told Jessica that he thought it was her. She got mad and started screaming that just because she had red curly hair and was wearing a black maid's uniform, it didn't mean it was her. Jessica said she was stuck in the wine cellar when the black-out happened and couldn't get out.


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