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Chapter 3 - A Puzzling Discovery

The next day, Mary left early in the morning to go buy the dazzling raspberry lipstick, and to get some more information on that smudge.

She bought a yard of the same kind of fabric Miss Stephanie's dress was made of. As it turns out, the dazzling raspberry lipstick would not smudge on the fabric.

Mary showed Jonathan what she had found out, and they went searching.

They went into the face paint shop and bought a color of face paint that looked about the same color as Jessica's lipstick. They smeared the face paint on a scrap of the material Mary had bought.

Jonathan was getting hungry, so Mary told him to go eat while she went to see the body again.

When Mary came back, she was very proud of herself. She burst into the hot dog shop with a smile on her face. She said, "Jonathan, I don't think the murder was committed by Jessica."

She stopped to wait for Jonathan to reply, but continued when she saw that Jonathan's mouth was full of hot dog.

"The face paint matched perfectly with the stain on Stephanie's dress," said Mary.

Then Jonathan said, "The only thing that bothers me is that everyone there was out of their costumes and had washed off their theatrical make-up."

Mary bit her lip again and started thinking.


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