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Chapter 5 - The List

The next day Mary was pacing back-and-forth whispering to herself, "Theater make-up, red hair, black suit. Theater make-up, red hair, black suit."

Jonathan was getting sick of her mumbling and pacing and said, "If you don't quit talking about that black suit, your eye is going to be black!"

"I'm sorry Jonathan, I am just so puzzled right now...hey, that's it!"

"What's it? Mary, you practically made me jump out of my skin."

"Look at the list. One person who was in the play, but isn't on the list is Mark Johnson. Mark Johnson was Stephanie's ex-boyfriend and he still had a key to the back door.

They rushed over to the theater and sure enough, Mark had played a red-haired, black-suited clown in the play. And he wore the same red theatrical make-up as that smeared on Stephanie's shoulder.

They went to the police station and Mark's fingerprints matched the ones on the cooking knife.

Mark was then arrested.


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