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"Did anyone claim this pony?" she asked.

"No," Karen answered. "why don't you give her a good grooming and put her in a stall.

"OK," Meghan said, as she walked into the tack room to get her grooming things.

She got her grooming stuff and walked up to the pony. Just then Ann Hungerford, a volunteer and a friend of Meghan's, walked into the barn.

"Which pony is this?" Ann asked.

"Hi Ann," Meghan said. "Oh, this is a pony that I found running down the road about 20 minutes ago," Meghan answered.

"You're kidding!" Ann said.

"No, I'm not," Meghan said.

"She is beautiful!" Ann exclaimed.

Ann went into the tack room to put her stuff away, and Karen went upstairs to her office. When Ann was in the tack room, Meghan spoke to the pony again.

"I hope no one claims you, because I would miss you desperately if you left. Oh, how I wish you were mine. I would show you off to everyone I know."

When Ann came out of the tack room, she walked up to Meghan and the pony and asked, "Can I help you groom her?"

"Sure," Meghan answered.


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