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Both of them picked up a brush and began to groom the beautiful pony. They talked about Christmas and what they wanted to get from Santa Claus. Meghan and Ann had gotten each other gifts.

When they were done grooming the pony, Meghan got her lead line and walked her outside to see if she was lame. After about five minutes of walking and trotting, Meghan brought her back into the barn and put her on a pair of crossties.

"How is she?" Ann asked. "She is excellent, Meghan answered. "There is not a sore muscle in her body." Let's find a good stall to put her in, and then we can go about our work," Ann said. "Good idea," Meghan agreed.

They chose a large stall in the main barn to put the pony in. Meghan filled up the pony's water bucket and put it in her stall. Then Meghan and Ann went about their work. They led, watered, blanketed, cleaned out stalls, and gave treats to the horses. All morning Meghan thought about the black pony. She was everything Meghan had ever wanted. She was healthy, friendly, and well behaved. At about 8:15 a.m. Meghan looked at her watch and noticed that she had to get ready for her riding lesson.

She got a horse named Steppin Out and brushed and tacked him up. Meghan mounted and warmed him up by walking, trotting and cantering him around the ring. She missed the pony when she was at her lesson. Meghan didn't want to be riding Steppin Out; she wanted to be on the black pony's back. Right after she untacked Steppin Out, she ran to talk to the pony and give her some treats.

"Hi, beauty," Meghan said to the pony.


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