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The other man was looking at the lock on the trailer door. Then he said, "the lock on this trailer door was probably not locked properly because it is covered in ice and it opened up and the pony escaped."

"Come into the barn please" Karen said to the men. As they entered the barn Karen said, " is this the pony that was in your trailer?"

One of the men looked at the pony and ran up to her. "How did you find her?" the man asked.

"I didn't. The little girl that is getting her for Christmas found her running down the road just a little while ago."

Karen walked over to the right hind leg of the pony.

"See this cut?" she said, pointing to the pony's leg. "She must of gotten it from the trailer door when she got out."

Then one of the men went outside to get the papers to give to Karen.

"I'm really sorry for all this trouble," the man said.

"I will give her a warm stall for the week and some good food to eat so don't worry about it." Karen said.

Then the other man walked in and handed all the papers to Karen.

"Thank you gentlemen," Karen said, handing the men a check from Meghan's parents to pay for the pony.

"Thank you," the men said, walking out of the barn. Right when the trailer pulled out, Meghan walked into the barn.


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