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Karen picked up the pony's hooves and looked at the muscles in her legs. Next she listened to the pony's heart and stomach. Then Karen stood up and said, "She is a five year old, female pony. She is very healthy but she has a fairly large cut on her right hind leg."

Karen walked over to the pony's leg and pointed to a large scrape on the back of it. It was still bleeding and it looked fairly new.

"Oh Meghan, why don't you go out to the front paddocks and give the horses some water?" Karen asked.

"Sure," Meghan said walking out of the barn.

Right when she got to the front paddocks, a large three horse trailer pulled in with an open back door. Meghan kind of ignored it and went to get the watering hose.

About ten minutes later, when she was done giving water to the barn horses and talking to them she went to say good morning to the horses in the other paddocks. The trailer had pulled into Rose Hurst and Karen was waiting for it. Two men got out of the truck and went to the trailer.

"Oh my gosh!" one of the men yelled.

"What happened here!" the other man screamed.

"What's wrong?" Karen said running over to the men.

"I had a beautiful black pony in this trailer and now she is gone!" one of the men said.


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