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You're kidding aren't you?" said Karen.

"No, I promise." "Really?" Karen asked.

"Yes really!"

"I'll go call some barns and see if anyone has lost a horse."

Karen ran upstairs to her office. She picked up the phone but then put it down. She just remembered something that she had talked about with Meghans mother. Meghan's family was going to buy Meghan a pitch black, 14 hand high pony that was supposed to be on it's way right now. It should be at Rose Hurst in about 15 minutes if they were on time. Then she ran downstairs to measure the pony. She put the measuring stick up to the pony's withers and measured the pony.

"Oh, no! She is 14 hands high!" exclaimed Karen.

"What's wrong with that?" Meghan asked.

"Nothing" said Karen. Karen was supposed to keep Meghan occupied so she wouldn't see the pony come.

Karen was almost positive that this was the pony.

"Can you see if she is all right?" Meghan asked.

"Oh sure," Karen answered.


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