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Then Meghan turned around and saw the most beautiful pitch black pony. She was the perfect size for a child Meghan's age. She was a large pony about 14 hands high. Luckily she had on a halter! Meghan pulled some carrots and an apple out of her pocket. The pony walked up to her and started to munch on the carrots and apple. Meghan slowly made her move and clipped the lead rope to the pony's halter. The pony didn't mind that it was being led at all, even though all of Meghan's things were making a lot of noise. The pony really liked being with a person, even if Meghan was having a few problems leading the pony and carrying all her stuff at the same time. They walked along the snow and ice covered road to Rose Hurst Stables. In about five minutes they arrived at Rose Hurst.

Meghan led the friendly black pony into the main barn and put her on a pair of crossties in the aisle. Meghan went into the main barn and put all her stuff away. Then she went upstairs to Karen's office. Karen was the owner of Rose Hurst and a friend of Meghan. She knocked on Karen's office door.

"YES" Karen said.

"It's me Meghan!" she said. "I have something to show you."

"Come on in Meghan," said Karen.

"It's downstairs though," Meghan replied.

"O.K. I'll be down in a minute," Karen said.

Meghan went downstairs to see the beautiful pony. Then Karen came down the stairs.

"Oh! She is beautiful! Is this an early Christmas present Meghan?" Karen asked.

"No I found her. She was running down the road," Meghan explained.


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