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When Running Deer returned to camp, he found that he would now have to look for his people because they had gone searching for better hunting. Running Deer started to look for signs of his people. He went down the river, occasionally stopping to look for his people.

By the time he returned to the Big Drop (Niagara Falls), he had worked out a plan. He pulled over to the shore and pulled 200 long bamboo shoots. He also had 300 yards of strong seaweed. He then divided the bamboo shoots and the seaweed into two equal groups. He tied each group of bamboo shoots together side by side with the seaweed and then tied one group to each side of the raft. Then, when Running Deer moved one bamboo shoot, all 100 shoots on one side of the raft would move in unison, resulting in a lot more power than one oar would allow. He then could go over Niagara Falls and row with enough power that he could control his speed as he dropped.

Finally, he reached the bottom of the Falls and started moving forward again. On the way to find his people, he found several more obstacles and old camping places but he never found his people again. However, he did find several Indian strays and formed the Cleveland Indians, and they named him Chief!


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