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Chapter 2

Life was good for Running Deer and his Cleveland Indians. They followed the good hunting and eventually migrated to the shores of the Pacific Ocean.

Running Deer watched the ocean for hours at a time and was amazed at how such a large body of water could lay so quietly.

Running Deer decided to attempt his remarkable feat once again„on the ocean. He walked out into the ocean until his head would stick out only if he stood on his tiptoes. He started running in place faster and faster and, slowly but surely, the ocean started moving. Running Deer got out of the ocean as quickly as he could and thought about making the WHOLE ocean move.

First, he decided, he needed a boat. Not a raft„he needed something with sides. He decided on a canoe. He built a large canoe and then paddled it into the ocean until he couldn't see land anymore. He started to climb out of the canoe while thinking about making the ocean churn and, when his foot touched the water, the ocean began to move.

Running Deer sat down in the canoe totally astonished. He could make the water respond to his wishes by just thinking what he wanted it to do and then touching it. He decided to test this theory so he thought, "Bubbles!" and he reached over and touched the water. Immediately, the water began to bubble and an amazing thing happened„fish rose to the top of the water in the bubbles. Running Deer grabbed as many as would fill his canoe and paddled for home. Day after day, Running Deer caught fish and he became known far and wide for having the freshest, nicest fish. He set up a concession on the beach and became wealthy.


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