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Chapter 1

At one time, rivers did not move. They just sat there like lakes or oceans. And they would probably still be that way if it hadn't been for Running Deer.

Running Deer was one of the top braves in the Sioux tribe and he was the son of Chief Raincloud. Running Deer had just turned 13 and it was time for him to do something very remarkable to become the new chief so he set off to do a remarkable thing.

On and on he walked trying to think of something remarkable. Remarkable! Remarkable! It kept ringing in his head day and night. After many, many miles, he could not walk any more so he went to sleep under a cottonwood tree. Later that night, in his dreams, he found a way to eliminate the need to walk so much and also to do something remarkable to become chief. He would make the rivers flow! He waded into the river and started running in place. Faster and faster he ran until the river began to moveãslowly at first and then faster. All of a suddenãAHHHHHH!ãhe had turned up the soil that made Niagara Falls. After climbing back up, he built a raft and tried to sail home but he kept going over Niagara Falls. By that time, it was getting dark and Running Deer was very tired so he went to sleep and again he dreamed the answer. It was to make an oar!

The next morning he was on his way again, only this time he had very strong bamboo sticks attached to the sides of the little raft. He moved the raft out into the river and, when he started to move the sticks, he went forwardãtoward home.


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