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Greg went outside and waited for the bus. Someone about a block down the street yelled, "Wimp!" Greg was sure it was to him, but he ignored it. Someone again yelled, "Wimp!" Just then the bus came.

Greg slumped down in the first seat. Across from him sat Ginger, his best friend. She was nice, but she really didn't cheer him up much at all. When he complained that everyone thought he was a wimp, she just said, "Well, what do you expect? Boys are supposed to be brave." Greg thought she was pretty, but she was the opposite of him. Little kids loved her, especially Jenn. She was very serious about school. Everyone liked her. Sometimes Greg would feel jealous of her, but soon he would get over it.

"Hey, do you have wooden ears or something? Did you hear anything I said?" Ginger interrupted his thoughts.

"Sorry, Ginger," Greg said. "I was just thinking."

"About what?" she asked.


"Oh, well, I was wondering if you wanted to come over after school and study for Mrs. Zake's social studies quiz."

"Sorry, Ginger, but Mr. Cuttingham is making me stay after for science," Greg replied.

Just then the bus pulled to a halt and everyone got off. Mickey shoved Greg, and Sal shoved Greg back. Mickey and his friends were always teasing Greg just because he shrieked whenever he saw an insect. Ginger always came to his rescue. She would say, "Stop it!" Mickey would say he was sorry and back off. He liked Ginger, but Ginger hated him.

Greg's first hour was gym. He liked gym. he wasn't an athlete or even very physical, but gym didn't take any thinking and that's why he liked it. he ran to his gym locker, got ready, and ran into the gymnasium. The board read soccer. "OK," Greg thought. "I could survive some soccer." When everyone was ready in their positions, they started to play. Just Greg's luck, he tripped over the ball right away. He could see the gym teacher in the corner scowling at him. Also, during the game Mike kicked the ball into Greg's stomach hard and on purpose. When Greg spotted a spider on the ball he tried his hardest to stay away from it, but Greg wasn't lucky. Someone kicked the ball to him and he jumped over it.

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