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The Magic Journey on the Magic Bus

by Erica Sunstrom


"Greg!" That was Greg's mother calling. "Greg, time to get up and go to school." Greg groaned. "Greg!"

"OK, I'm up." Greg Smith hated mornings. He shoved his head into his pillow and closed his eyes.

"Gregory Lee Smith, Mom's getting steamed. Get up!" Greg heaved his pillow at his little sister. He hated it when Jenn called him by his whole name. Jenn giggled and ran off. Jenn was in 6th grade and a royal brat. She was always getting him in trouble or freaking him out with bugs and insects. You may think it's weird for a girl to like bugs, but Jenn's a weird person. Greg, however, hates bugs. He can't help it. He hated bugs ever since he was a baby. Bugs freak him out. Jenn thinks it's funny. Both Greg and Jenn go to Fly High Middle School and live in Brooksburg, Minnesota. Greg is 13 years old and is in 8th grade. He hates school and is very lazy.

Greg got out of bed and pulled himself downstairs. He pulled on a white Tee and brushed his wavy blond hair. "Here's your bag," said Jenn. In front of Mom, Jenn was always a perfect little angel. Greg always wondered why she behaved like that. Jenn gave a devilish grin. Greg wondered if she put a worm in his bag. He checked his bag in and out and there was nothing. Why was she grinning? Like Greg said, Jenn has a weird personality.

"I'm going to bring your little sister to school today. Would you like to come?"

"No thanks, Mom," Greg said. "And I'm going to be late today. Mr. Cuttingham is making me stay after."

"Not again!" complained Jenn. "I wanted you to take me over to Bessy's house?" Jenn gave Greg a pouting look, and as soon as Mrs. Smith left the room, she stuck her tongue out at him.


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