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All through the next few classes Greg dreamed. He dreamed that he was rich and there were no such things as bugs and insects. He would have honey on bread every day served to him on a silver platter (for honey was his favorite thing in the whole wide world), and everyone would like him. There wouldn't be school, and Mickey would move to Mars. His wonderful and very pleasant dream had met its end, though, because it was lunch time. Greg got a soda and a bag of chips, then went to the far end table where no one sat but him and sometimes Ginger. Today Ginger did not sit next to Greg. Ginger was talking to a bunch of friends. She was one of the most popular kids in school. Greg always wondered why she liked him. A lot of other kids thought it was weird too. During the rest of the school period, Greg dawdled, stared, and almost fell asleep during the video for social studies.
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