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The Chief's wife's name was Little Deer. She like me and protected me like her own son. I decided to stay wit' the Indians, to learn their ways of life, to learn their language. They weren't savages at all. The white men were more savage. So, my mind was made up. I was stayin' wit' the Indians. Hail to Chief Red Feather and his tribe, the Wakashi! Soon the tribe would be going North, to the sun, to do the sun dance with their neighbors, the Sherina (a peaceful tribe like the Wakashi). I's began to love the Indians like a new family. It seemed like the Chief was my father, his wife like my mother and his son like my brother. I found friends among the tribe and the Sherina.

The Valley of the Spirits...

A few days after the dance we went to a valley to worship the spirits. As soon as I saw the valley I felt a shiver down me achin' spine. There were caverns and mountains, rivers and lakes, peaks and points almost everywhere. But most beautiful of all were the trees. There was a grand forest, huge waterfalls and a great rock, a mile up. I tried to climb that great rock, then, but of course I didn't make it.

This valley is now a park, a famous park, this is now Yellowstone National Park. There, at the foot of the rock is where the Wakashi Indian tribe worshipped the great spirits, the Sun God, the Rain God, the Animal God, the Plant God, the Sky God, the Wood God, the Buffalo God, the Soil God, the Tree God, the Sea God the God of Caves, the spirits of the Old People, the Spirits of the Young People, and the Spirits of their Ancestors.

It took three days and two nights to worship all of those gods, and they made me do it wit' em. Gosh, that was the one day I had wished that I had never met those Indians. They had called Yellowstone "The Valley of the Spirits." I hated to leave my friends, but I was on a mission. I had to leave.

The North...

After many moons of traveling I realized I was in the North! It wasn't anything I had dreamed of. It wasn't as bad as what they had told me. They had told me that war would be everywhere. "I AM IN THE NORTH, MY GOD!!"


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