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I hated those people. I really hated them. Papa used to defend me, but they just beat him more than I and that started a quarrel, so we all got whipped. Yeah, we escaped them tyrants. The police got us and took us back, but they didn't want us anymore, they had bought new slaves. So, someone else bought us, so that was the end of my remembrance.

Well, back to our story. There was Wolf and Fred a sittin' there waitin' fer my command. I started steerin' the boat away from land. I looked at Fred, lookin' at some fish in the sea. He was a grown-up wolf now!

I couldn't believe I was at sea! Me! Bill Frank Taylor! A twelve-year-old that built his own boat (with some wolves' help). As our boat glided farther and farther away, I remembered something, Ma's cloak! I had to go back fer it. I started to turn the boat around, but I saw another boat near the land! "Forget about the cloak, get outta here," I remember thinking that night.

I had to take the long way, around the land. A few hours later we landed wit' a thump! We got out and began t' run into t' woods. As we came out of the woods I was met by the white men! Suddenly, Wolf jumped in front of me and started a growlin' and a snarlin' at them, but this time he doesn't give up. Fred is beside him, lookin' meaner than ever, showin' his huge teeth to the people. They start sayin' things like "nice doggie." Then, much to our relief, they up and left. Back in the sea again, I look out across the horizon towards the land. I say "Good-bye."

Chief Red Feather...

We traveled for many days and nights. At least we weren't all crammed in that little ole canoe. We were miles and miles away from any civilization, any kind. But as I looked out across the sea I saw a canoe skimmin' across the water. Oh no! Indians. But wait, I've heard about whites and Indians--what about blacks and Indians? I decided to meet those red-skins and make friends wit' em.

As I docked the boat and we got out, an Indian came up to me. He started speaking to me in their funny way, seeming mad and confused. I tried to calm him down by trying to draw a picture story in the sand. Finally, he saw what I was drawing and calmed down. He studied the pictures of wolves and pointed to them. He studied the picture of me, and looked at me. He then studied the picture of the land and pointed far off into the distance. "Me know" he said and put out his hand. I put my hand in his hand and we were friends from then on. His name was Little Feather and he was the son of Chief Red Feather. Little Feather took me to see his father. The Chief looked me up and down. Soon I was his new son, Blue Sky. I had picked that name.


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