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I couldn't believe my own thoughts. I finally came to my senses and bought a horse and named him Bandit. One day he was drinking water at a lake and I heard some rustles in the bushes near by. I kicked Bandits' belly and we speed away. I rode toward our camp ground near the Spirit rock, I had heard galloping behind me. The Indians jumped as I came striding up, on my horse!

"What is wrong, my young boy?" I was surprised when Chief Red Feather patted my shoulder and picked up a large rock that I had seen him use since I had come to the Indian camp. "It has been, as you would call it, a long time," said Chief Red Feather. "You shall go on your vision path for you shall be thirteen winters soon." I knelt on my knees and bowed my head.

"I will follow the coyote Sun through the desert, the forest and the rain to serve you.

Chief Red Feather put his hand on my head. "To serve yourself and no other."

Coyote Sun...

As I lifted my head and saw Chief Red Feather's face shinning bright in from the Coyote Sun, I's knew what I's wanted to be. "When shall I leave, my Chief?"

"When there is a blue moon in the sky."

"What is the blue moon?"

"The blue moon is when the great spirits turn into clouds and tickle the moon until it becomes blue full of laughter and fun."

"Why blue?"

"Brother Moon is related to Brother Sea, so Brother Moon is blue, but only once does he become so blue that you can see him."

Then I got an overflow of happiness, all of a sudden. I was going to stay with my friends once again. I got up and hugged Wolf tightly around the neck. He gently growled and licked my cheek. "It's gonna be a long trip, yas hear." He made a little noise and laid his head on my shoulder as if he understood.


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