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"Psst", said Mallory, "Over here!"

Mallory was under the bushes near the tent that Jen and I shared with two other girls. I ducked under the bushes where Jen, and the six other girls were. We were all dressed in the same white gown. The gowns looked like ones a ghost might wear. Then I remembered what Mallory had said! At night you and I can dress up like ghost and scare your troop. I couldn't believe I was doing it! I kept thinking that we would get caught.

I would have to think fast. Maybe I could ask Mallory to.... No, she wouldn't listen. Maybe.... "Psst", Here they come!", said Mallory. From down the path came footsteps. Closer and closer they came.

"Eeeeek, a ghost!" screamed all the girls under the bushes except for Mallory and me.

"Oh, that's just Jen", I said.

And sure enough, it was Jen's voice that came out of the white costume and said, "How did you know, Teri?" I pointed at her feet. She was wearing the one and only pair of glow-in-the-dark shoes brought on the trip. (Her favorite aunt had given them to her for her birthday and she now wears them everywhere.) "Oh!" said a very disappointed Jen.


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