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But before I could do or say anything, Jen grabbed me by the hand and raced with me to our tent. I thought it was to change her shoes. But ... "SURPRISE!" shouted Jen and nine other girls. There were Ashley, Caitlin, Jennifer, Jen, Kate, Emily, Regina, Jenny and Karen. All of my friends were there.

"Happy Birthday!", they all shouted.

Then Ms. Schiavo walked up to me and said, "You see Teri, Mallory's mom is a good friend of mine. I called her and told her about the surprise party and the camping trip. Mallory volunteered to keep you away from the tent so that we could get ready for your party. That is why Mrs. Kardes scared you off. She wasn't really angry with you. She just didn't want you to go into the tent. Now go blow out your candles." At first I was too happy to move but then I skipped over to my Birthday cake and blew out the candles.

That night I slept with I big smile across my face. I couldn't wait to go home the next morning and tell my family all about my camping trip. I wondered if they would believe it!


Teri Lynn Leventhal was born in the year of 1987 on April Fool's Day. She was eight years old when she wrote this story. Teri decided to write this story because her class was studying a mystery story at school. It took her from the beginning of the school year until Valentine's Day , February 14, 1996 to write this story. She worked on the story whenever she had free break.

Teri lives with her mother, Jackie; her father, Seth; her little brother, Ben; her two cats, Marla and Terri; and a tank full of fish.

The friends Teri has written about are friends from school, her neighborhood, or her girl scout troop with the exception of Regina. Regina is a girl who used to live across the street from Teri. Regina had to move to Bahrain with her family. Teri and Regina continue their friendship through frequent letters.

Teri would also like to point out that Mrs. Kardes, Teri's real girl scout troop leader is always very nice and helpful.


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