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I ran through the narrow foot path that had taken me to the tree house. I didn't stop until I got to my tent and was in my bunk. "Why are you running? You look like you just saw a ghost!" whispered Jen.

I told her everything. I told her about Mallory scaring me and about the monster. To my surprise Jen said, "You must be a baby. You must go back or you are a baby. She probably just put on a mask or some makeup." Usually I would just laugh but this time she had called me a baby! If there is one thing I can't stand, it is for someone to call me a baby. So I jumped out of my bunk and went back up the narrow foot path towards the tree house.

There was a full moon out which made the forest bright but inside the tree house, the moon cast shadows. The tree house had any eery glow coming out of it. At first I didn't want to go in but then I remembered what Jen had said. I ran across the path wide eyed and alert, ready for anything. When I reached the tree house I gasped. "M-A-L-L-O-R-Y," I stammered.

"Teri!", someone said. It didn't sound like Mallory. "It's me Jen." called the whispering voice. I shown my flashlight at her. She was in a white sheet with a hood.

"Why the outfit? Why did you come? Why are you here?", I asked.

"Well I saw you walk down the forbidden footpath and..." Jen stopped talking. Her eyes were on the tree house. "Quick, lets go!", Jen squeaked.

"Why?" I asked. Jen was pretty brave, well usually. Jen was running back. Mallory came down dressed the same way that Jen was. Mallory was also in a white dress with a hood.

"Come on, lets go!", Mallory yelled. She sounded very happy! She was followed by seven other girls all dressed in white gowns with hoods. Mallory and I and the seven other girls trouped silently up the footpath back towards camp.

Rushing up the footpath, Mallory threw a white dress with a hood to me and said, "Psst, Teri, put the costume on!" So I did. It was a cold night and the costume was not very comfortable but I put it on anyway. As I pulled it over my head I realized I was shivering. I looked up and everyone was gone. "Hey! Where are you guys?" I screamed.


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