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Chapter Eight

IIn which Mark plants the computer and is discovered by Hamlet.

Mark knew what he had to do. He would plant the computer and then leave. But where would he put it? He could leave it right where it was on the ground in the corner. But he was aftaid it might get trampled or something. After all, these people were very superstitious. They might react badly to an unknown 'magical' object on the ground.

He had made up his mind. He would hide it. Maybe in that little nook over to the left. No, maybe the cranny on the right. He was frustrated. Both places were pretty easy to see. He kicked the wall. What was this!!!??? The wall was opening! It looked as if it were made for the computer. Yes, it just fit! Now, how do you close this thing? Mark wondered. He kicked the wall again. Nothing happened. Oopps! He pressed the command () key of the computer and the door closed. Wow! These things seem to be made for each other!

Hamlet saw, but he kept quiet about it.

Chapter Nine

In which the Computer Freak Gang gets caught and Hamlet kills the computer.

Meanwhile, when the rest of the Computer Freak Gang went out, they got caught. The owner saw them.

"Hey, what are you kids doing in there!" He yelled.

"Um, ah ummmm. . . exploring." stuttered a confused Kevin.

"Well, that's private property and no one's supposed to trespass! I'm nailing the door shut so you don't explore' again. Got it?"

"Y-y-y-y-yess, sir." Kevin stammered.

"Okay. Get out and stay out!"

The boys were too frightened to reply. They dashed off.

"I wonder how Mark's going to get out," said Alex.

"Probably he'll send himself to our computer. If he remembers UVWS, " said Daniel.

"UVWS?" asked Kevin.

"That's the code, silly, " said Daniel.

On Mark's side of the door, Hamlet was indecisive. Maybe he should kill the unknown object. He was definitely afraid that these were devils in disguise come to take over their peaceful life. The more he thought about it, the more convincing it became. That was that! He would kill the magical box. Now was the perfect time. The stranger was going back.

As Hamlet approached the place where it was hidden, he hesitated. Then he thought, now or never. He took a deep breath, kicked the wall, raised his knife, and brought it down! There was a jolt of lightning, the computer let out a scream, the screen showed an explosion, and, then, it exploded.

The noise brought Mark running. When he saw what happened, he screamed, "Why did you do this! You've blocked off my only way out! I'll never get out now, never, never, never!"

And then, in a softer voice, Mark said, "Oh, oh ,oh. Is there anyone who can help me in this place, anyone?"

Macbeth said quietly. "You could try the three witches over there in the old kitchen."

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