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Chapter Six

In which Mark tells the Computer Freak Gang about the Shakespearean world.

The next morning the Computer Freak Gang had another meeting. Mark had just told them about the new world and they were fascinated. They wanted to go see it for themselves as soon as possible.

"Hey! Even I couldn't have thought of that!" said Daniel.

"Daniel, there's a lot of things you don't know in this world. Let's listen to Mark." Kevin replied.

"I want to finish Doom III and do Wolfenstein 3D before we go." Alex said.

"No, that's too long of a wait. Let's see it today, after the meeting." Kevin contradicted.

"Yeah. I like that idea." Mark interrupted their little disagreement.

Alex said suddenly, "Yesterday I told Mark about my computer that could program things onto it and send them to another computer with the right code. I think it can do the same thing to people. When we go on our little expedition, let's plant our computer there and put the code onto it!"

"Are you sure it can do that Alex?" said Kevin.

"Positive. I'm sure about people, too. It should work."

"Okay! Let's go!" Mark exclaimed.

Chapter Seven

In which the Computer Freak Gang infiltrates the Shakespearean world.

They had just arrived. When the Shakespeare people saw them, everybody made a scene. Hamlet shouted, "Fortinbrass has invaded again!"

Macbeth said, "It's MacDuff and his men!"

Richard said, "No, it's Richmond and his men."

"No. We're not invaders," interrupted Mark. "Don't you remember me?"

Richard shouted, pointing an accusing finger at them, "Take them to the Tower. The Tower!"

"Okay then, before I die, let me perform a miracle," said Mark with amazing calmness. From beneath his shirt he took a Star Wars CD-rom and the lap-top that they were going to plant. He said to his friends, "I thought this might come in handy." He put in the CD-rom. Immediately the Star Destroyer's chase of the fleeing Millennium Falcon, blaster-bolts flying, came on the screen. The electrifying music filled the room. The Shakespearean people were astonished.

Macbeth pleaded for all of them, "O great Masters of Light, please forgive us. We were foolish to think you were invaders when you bring us these amazing magical objects."

"All right, all right. Here lem'me show you some more. Wait till you see the Death Star!" Mark told them.

They passed two hours touring the game and amazing the Shakespearean people.

"Gee, guys. Our parents are probably expecting us home soon." Kevin interrupted all the fun.

"You guys go ahead. I'll be there in about fifteen minutes, " Mark said.

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