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"Yes, please," said Scurry not knowing what the raccoon had in store for her. He gave her an enormous batch of berries. Scurry ate them all without one bit of hesitation. "Thank you," she said when she had finished.

"You look tired," said the raccoon.

"I am," said Scurry.

"So follow me," said the raccoon. He led Scurry to a hut made out of sticks. "Rest in there, you'll be safe."

Scurry was so pleased she forgot her manners and without so much as a thank you she crawled in and went back to sleep.

"Ha, ha, ha, ha!" Scurry woke up to find two raccoons were staring at her. "I bet you never caught one of these" said one of the raccoons. "I'm looking forward to dinner tonight!"

Scurry was scared after hearing this. But the raccoons kept talking. "YOU have him for dinner, aren't you going to share?" said the other raccoon.

"Why should I? Finders, keepers." This started the raccoons fighting. They rolled, and tumbled and yelled and scratched. Then one of the raccoons came flying into Scurry's hut, which knocked off the door giving Scurry a chance to run free.

Now the forest was dark and scary, she started walking hoping to find a safer place. She walked and walked with her head down looking at the ground. KERPLUNK! She had walked into another animal. She wasn't sure what kind of animal it was because it was so dirty.

"Hey Bud! What ya doin around here?" the strange animal asked.

"What are you?" Scurry asked.

"A cat!" it said.

"You looking for a place to stay?" It asked Scurry.

"Kind of, " Scurry answered.


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