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Scurry was very tired by now. She started walking slower and slower. She knew she needed to rest but just then she spied the beast/dog. He was sitting next to a trash can just looking for trouble. Scurry knew she had to get out of here, NOW! Scurry started walking away. She kept looking over her shoulder to make sure the dog/beast wasn't after her. Unfortunately, she didn't see the men digging the cable hole in the street and KERPLUNK!, she fell straight into the dark, gloomy hole. There was water dripping and Scurry could hear the rats running around. She was scared and knew she couldn't jump back out so she had no choice but to walk. She walked and walked and walked. The tunnel seemed to never end. Scurry got tired but she had to find Sara. So she kept going.

Finally she saw daylight, after hours and hours of darkness. She cautiously walked out of the tunnel, looking for any enemies. There were none. She found herself in a forest. Scurry was too tired to even go one more step. She found a nice hollow hole in a tree lined with leaves. It was perfect, she climbed and fell fast asleep.

The next morning she woke feeling very good, ready to continue her search, but just as she was getting ready to leave the hole, she saw a pair of big brown eyes staring at her! The animal said, "Come out, come out you tasty little kitty!" to Scurry. Scurry obeyed and stepped outside.

"What are you?" Scurry asked.

"Don't you know a raccoon when you see one, you dumb little kitty."

Scurry had read about raccoons but had never met one. "Do you want a snack?" asked the raccoon.


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