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"You can stay at my place for a little while."

"Thank you," said Scurry.

"What should I call you?"

"Oh you can just call me Tuffy," he said.

So off they went to Tuffy's place. Scurry stayed with Tuffy for several days. During this time they went hunting for their food. Scurry wasn't very good at that and got kind of grossed out when Tuffy attacked her meal, so Tuffy shared what she caught with Scurry. They climbed trees a lot, but Scurry got scared at the top of the trees so Tuffy never went too far up. They chased mice for fun, but Scurry wasn't very fast and always felt kind of sorry for the mice, so Tuffy would let the mice go (after he gave them a good scare).

One day when the two cats were out hunting Tuffy stopped. "Look Scurry, I got something to tell you. I really like you and all, but you're just not cut out to be a forest cat. Now don't get upset. Wipe your whiskers. You're a house cat. You were born a house cat and you are a house cat. You see I'm a forest cat and that's that. You need a food bowl not a meal on feet. You need to be brushed with a comb not a tree branch. You need milk in a saucer not water from a creek. There's nothing you can do about that. So, yesterday I was wandering around looking for a quick snack and I saw this family out camping. They looked pretty nice to me and so I thought that maybe they could use a nice house cat like you. I know you could use a good family. So what'cha think?" "Well, I guess you're right. But no one will ever be able to replace Sara. So I'll give it a try," said Scurry. "Great, I'll bring you there."

So off they went. "Well I'll miss you Squirt. You've been fun to have around" said Tuffy, "but as I said you need a family so take a look at this one." They peeked through the woods at the family. They were sitting eating hot dogs and Tuffy was right, they did look nice. "So go on in there," said Tuffy.

"O. K. bye, take care of yourself, thanks for everything." Scurry plodded towards the campfire when she heard, "MOMMY, LOOK! IT'S SCURRY!!" Sara ran up hugging Scurry. Scurry had found her family.



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