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She climbed up some vegetable baskets. When she was on the second one. . . KERPLUNK!. . . she fell into the hot dog bin. She gobbled up one hot dog. She was still hungry, but before she coud eat another one, the hot dog vendor saw her! "AAAHHAA" he said. "My daughter has wanted a cat just like you." He placed Scurry into a big empty box. Scurry sat in the middle of the box very sadly. She felt as if she would never see Sara again. She would have chewed a hole but she felt just too sad. Just then she heard a familiar voice saying "May I have one plain hot dog, please?" Was that Sara's voice? But Scurrry couldn't tell from inside the box.

After the man was done with his work, he carried the box to the metro. He was thinking about how happy Scurry would make his daughter. Just then the man's train came. He hopped inside, sat down and went to take a peek at Scurry. When he opened the top Scurry leaped out with such force that the man didn't even bother to catch her. She landed in the hot and crowded train. She felt that there was nowhere to go! She ran in and out of the people's feet. It was rush hour. Someone's backpack was layin gon the floor open. Scurry creeped inside hoping this might bring her to Sara. DING-DONG!

She felt the backpack being picked up and walking out the door. She poked her head out of the backpack and found she was now in a cold, half empty train station. No Sara. Wondering what was in store for her next, she jumped out of the backpack. She walked slowly down the street looking for signs that Sara might have been there. When she walked past a dark alley she heard a scary noise. GR-R-R-R-R-R! Out of the alley came a huge dog! It was showing it's teeth and growling at Scurry! It started coming at her. Scurry ran as fast as her little feet could carry her! But the beast was getting closer. She knew her only chance was to dash into the revolving doors. Round and round and round she went. KERPLUNK!

A person's foot shoved her out of the doors and she kept running not noticing where she was. She crashed into a hard object and landed. She looked up to see what it was. She couldn't believe her eyes. Here was a person with no clothes on! She looked left and right and saw two more peopl eople with no clothes. "What kind of place is this?" thought Scurry. She walked into another room and saw heads with no bodies! "Look at these beautiful statues, Mary." She heard someone saying. Scurry didn't know what they were talking about all she knew was she wanted to get out of there now! She walked to the window to look for the beast/dog before she left. Instead she saw Sara in a bus driving away! Without her! Scurry dashed through the revolving doors but by then the bus had disappeared.


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